Thursday, November 24, 2011


 It's been a fun week and many exciting things are happening in my life right now. New friends, new opportunities and challenges and the never-ending learning. I've been manifesting the entire week for something I really want, done my morning and evening meditations with Gabby's guided meditations I downloaded for free from iTunes, and tried to share universal love to all beings that cross my path. Not so easy in NYC... But I'm doing the work and I'm already seeing the results. So it really works.
In other news, the entire US celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow and I've continued my newly started holiday tradition by adopting two turkeys this year for Farm Animal Sanctuary, Peyton and Amelinda. I'm working on Thanksgiving and don't mind it because I have no emotional ties to this holiday. I also strongly suggest you read this great article by Joshua Katcher about the truth in Thanksgiving. Especially the second video really made me feel sick. So how about we all just have some bean soup and share gratitude with our loved ones instead of stuffing ourselves with not so natural stuff, ey? Check out this vegetarian Thanksgiving menu here and get cooking.
"The abuse of 40 billion farm animals worldwide per year is the worst karmic disaster humankind has ever promoted". Russell Simmons


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