Monday, November 21, 2011


After all this spirituality talk I'm going to balance it out a bit here in the blog world and give you one of the rarely seen "outfit of the day"postings. I don't consider myself fashionable nor do I follow or care about trends, therefore you will probably never see another blog post titled this way. Just felt like we had to come down a little to the materialistic world. Oh, and enjoy the beautiful sight of our locker room at work!
These "boxing shoes" are at least 10 years old. I've hardly ever worn them therefore they're still in great shape and extremely comfortable. But not very warm so once weather gets a little more colder they have to go and wait for the spring. I think I got them from Ellos...
Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Helou Katz! Lupasin selvittää sinulle Chanelin silmälasipokien tarkempaa dataa ja tässäpä niitä: Malli = 3176, Väri = 501 ja koko = 51-17. Olet minua vähän tummempi, joten voin kuvitella, että just tämä malli sopii Sinulle ihan täydellisesti. Ne maksoi Suomessa noin 320 eur. Minä päädyin astetta kevyempään kuitenkin lopulta.

  2. Ihanaa! Kiitos paljon! Pakko ostaa uudet lasit kahden viikon sisalla joten tasta suuri apu! Ja nyt vaan koettelemaan...


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