Monday, November 14, 2011


Apple pie before oven

 When I start waking up really late it means my jetlag is over, and no more easy early mornings. But I was in a really good mood and decided to start baking after checking I actually had all the ingredients I needed. My mom made few apple pies while I was in Finland and this one was sooo good. It's more like apple cake, which is what my husband called it. I replaced all white flours with coconut flour and whole wheat flour (half and half) and used brown sugar and palm sugar instead of white sugar. Palm sugar gives it a nice butterscotchy flavor.To make it vegan I egg replacer from Bob's Red Mill and instead of cow milk I used almond milk. This way it's a little bit healthier than normally.
Little My mug and Pentik's Saaga spoon
 While waiting for the pie to bake I enjoyed some white tea from yet another Moomin mug. Pikku Myy (Little My) is one of my favorite characters of the Moomins and I used to wear my hair like that because of her. She was such a tough little lady. Oh Little My. If I have kids one day they'll be watching nothing but the Moomins on TV (this user on Youtube has many full length episodes in English). And of course we'll visit the Moomin Theme Park in Finland. Every summer. Yeah, we will.
 As usual, while waiting for the pie, the cats took over my chair.
 Pie came out delicious and very moist, it just crumbles too easily. More flour next time. This is my dessert plate from Marimekko. It's only for dessert. Too cute for anything else.
Route 66 Arizona back in the day on our wall.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Ihania kuvia :) Kertoisitko lisaa tuosta kirjasta,kiinnostaisi loytaa joku hauska kissakirja itselle luettavaksi!

  2. Moikka Sini! Tuo kirja on vahan samalla tyyliin kirjoitettu kun joku Cats for dummies eli hauskasti, elavasti ja yksinkertaisesti selitetty kissojen ominaisuuksia ja hoito-ohjeet. Hauska lahja kissanomistajalle. Taalla voit katsoa kirjan sisaltoa tarkemmin kuvineen kaikkineen:


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