Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last week I attended a lecture in this elaborate home furnishing and decoration empire north of Union Square Park. I came here once before looking for a birthday gift for my sister-in-law and this is the place to search for inspiration at any home decorating stage. Just browsing around for an hour gets you very inspired and ready to rock your project.
Of course this time of the year they already had all the holiday stuff out and this huge space looked quite inviting. Since I've forbid myself from buying more things I just ended up looking around and day dreaming.
My personal favorite department at ABC is the Tibet Arts & Crafts that transports you somewhere in Asia to adore all the beautiful antiques, jewelry, clothing, fabrics, incense, statues and wall art. Prices are quite steep here as well, so I just look and get inspired...
ABC Carpet and Home is also home for the ABC Kitchen that serves local organic environmentally conscious food with chef Jean Georges Vongerichten. I've never eaten here, but looked at the menu few times and it sounds wonderful. Definitely in my near future plans. Above the restaurant is the Deepak HomeBase where the lecture was held. World-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing and best-selling author  Deepak Chopra actually host a whole array of interesting events here. Take a look at the program here.
I will fill you in on the details of the lecture later this week. In the meanwhile, stay inspired!


  1. oh my! i would gone mad there :) too much to see and too much to be wanted :) :)

  2. Looks fantastic! I would go mad there too, I need badly some nice decorations in our home. Except our cat would propably destroy everything.. By the way, can you keep a christmas tree, a real one or plastic, with the cats? I would love to have but I'm afraid to do so with LĂ©onie.

    Have a great week xx

  3. Yup, decorators paradise. You might get lost for hours.

    Sini; we've had both real tree as well as plastic tree and the kitties don't try to chew either one of them. They do love to sit under the tree though. And play with the ornaments that are hanging lowest... My little hunters in the forest. :)

  4. A. LOVE that picture of you! You are always so modern and sleek and fabulous!

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