Monday, October 10, 2011


Sunny Sunday gave the perfect reason to get out and seek some (even more) peaceful places and views. We ended up driving about 19 miles south west, through the fields and farms, to get to this cute little farm store and cafe called Maatilapuoti (Farm Store).
They grow their own wheat, barley, rye and oat and you can buy it in the form of flour or hand made, preservative-free breads and pastries. There's also great selection of seasonal produce such as dried mushrooms, vegetables, jams, honey, old-time candies, arts and crafts. All products are individually produced by small producers from local raw materials. By the way, I have to apologize the quality of these cellphone photos. Not good. I'll keep my real camera with me from now on...
I wore a poncho over long sleeve and cardigan and was freezing my butt off. It's getting that cold that I just need to pack my ponchos away and start wearing actual coats. Same time I hear New York has been enjoying beautiful hot weather. What??!! But I still rather be here in Finland...

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  1. Hello gorgeous! 'Hi' from the Alps. We've left our Paris home, for good. Still Canada-bound, when the papers want to arrive.

    You in sweet home Finland land. Your NY chicky chic attitude. So awesome. Enjoy every passing moment. Realize how it is wondrous back there, as well as back in your adult homeland.


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