Saturday, October 29, 2011


 I should've checked the forecast yesterday, because I did not expect this to be the view from our window this morning. I expected crispy, sunny, beautiful fall day perfect for pumpkin picking. How wrong was I. Needless to say we are not going to the farm today, so no pumpkins this Halloween. I might still throw a little party though...
 I turned on the heat for the first time in our new place and it seems to warm up the house nicely, minus the bathrooms. Gosh, I would love to find a place with heated bathroom floors. That's number 3 thing I miss the most from Finland. It's just so wonderfully comfortable to walk barefoot on a heated floor. 
The kitties are also feeling cold and I find them snuggled up on each other more often than normally. 
 Today we'll all stay in, cook something good, I might even bake if I have all ingredients necessary, watch some movies, listen to some Soundhouse and enjoy the mood.


  1. I agree, great day for baking some pumpkin cookies! your cats are adorable! keep warm!

  2. ihana toi maailman kartta:)

  3. So, did you end up baking something? I used to make sweet rolls, apple pies and oatmeal cookies, but then the Huns asked me to stop. He said he had too many.

  4. Didn't have pumpkins, but apples yes, so I baked the same apple pie my mom made while I was in Finland. Soooo good and moist, even it wasn't nearly as good as moms... She has special touch on baking even she didn't go to culinary school like I did. And Susu, I don't bake because I don't want to make my husband gain weight. But I think I'm going to change that thinking. I should bake more! It makes everyone happy!

  5. Vooi kisut on niin hauskan näköisiä halailukuvassa :)

  6. lovely pictures!!! hows your halloween celebration? adorable kitties!!! love your blog,,following you now,, hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!


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