Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I have just earlier mentioned my love for ponchos because of how comfortable they are, but here comes another favorite; the jumpsuit. I actually wore it under the grey poncho so I doubled my comfort that day. This is few years old, I believe it's from Forever21 or Charlotte Russe and it's very light material and extremely stretchy and has great tight cut at the midsection and flowy otherwise.
Only minus, which is well known with jumpsuits, is going to the bathroom and having to strip down half naked in order to get your pants down. Just don't forget to lock the door. Also I notice now that I should've accessorize this outfit a bit better with some big, long statement necklace. Oh, well, next time. Have a beautiful day!


  1. It looks amazing! i'd like to find one that fits well too :)

  2. Hey darling,

    I was lucky because I ordered it online (which I should never do) and it was perfect fit. Not the greatest quality though, it already has a hole in the back...


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