Sunday, October 9, 2011


My room. I feel like a kid again. The pillow case with a cow was bought in India over 20 years ago from Mapusa market near Goa and is still in pretty good shape. I guess the seller wasn't lying when he said "Stockmann quality, Anttila price!". Ok, that's something only Finns might understand, but basically Stockmann is expensive department store in Finland that sells quality stuff and Anttila is a store that sells cheap stuff. The doggy in the bed has been with me for over 25 years and still doesn't have a name! All my other plush toys and dolls do, but not my sleeping buddy. Maybe that says something about me...
Hesburger veggie burger. They actually changed it this year and now it's falafel burger. Still so good. Got to have one every trip. Which means I enjoy one every year.
I can't even tell you how many Karelian pies I've had in this trip. I could eat them every day all the time. Best things ever. Served warm straight out the toaster oven. Yummy.
I didn't loose my good ways when I came for vacation, thanks to my mom. She as well starts her mornings with green smoothies. I know when it's time to wake up when I hear the blender going. Best way to wake up.


  1. Oh, Karelian pies... I've thought about them so often recently and I think seeing that picture just sent me over the edge: Must. Make. Some. !! Do you happen to know where to get rye flour here? I'm sure I'll find it eventually, but if you know of a place off the top of your head... :) Have a great time in sweet ol' Suomi!

  2. I was thinking the same as Pilvi. Must make Karjanpiirakoita! They are my favorite too. My mom makes the best ones, I should ask her for the recipe..

  3. Hmmm... have to admit I havent made Karelian pies myself since I moved out of Finland... I once bought rye bread flours from Ikea, but that was years and years ago. Maybe also try Whole Foods. They seem to have everything healthy. Or Fairway. Talk to you girls later. Going to eat some Karelian pies now... :)

  4. Excellent memories you had, I love when women like you are really sentimental and don't scare about telling their thoughts, I think you're so sweet.


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