Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yes! I'm in Finland! I came here for vacation for three weeks and it feels great to spend long enough time here for once. My trips are normally barely one week long and that just doesn't leave enough time to relax, take it easy and do everything I want to do and meet everyone I want to meet. 
 The problem usually is that the US vacation times are pathetic. I still get only two weeks a year. Of course I then take unpaid vacation whenever I can, but never dared to ask consecutive three weeks. Sure it wasn't easy. I had to go back and forth and eventually to the upper management (General Manager) and finally got my vacation. My supervisor propably hates me now, but I couldn't care less. Family is more important.
Of course we had time to stop by Hullut Paivat (Crazy Days) at our fancier department store Stockmann for all the wonderful discounts and deals. But since I'm not allowed to buy more stuff (last move was madness) we bought only food, Karelian pies, 100% rye bread and many other delicacies that I'll introduce to you later on.
My mom keeps the yard always so nice and I just learned that they planted Sea Buckthorn bushes in their yard (not pictured)! I need to be here next August-September when the berries come out. Buckthorn is a superfood that has the biggest concentration of vitamin E than any other plant. Sea Buckthorn berries also contain tons of vitamins C, A and K as well as many B vitamins. Previously, it had been assumed that no plant contains a significant amount of vitamin B12, but recently it has been found that Sea Buckthorn not only contains all the B vitamins, its vitamin B12 content is as high as in liver. That's great news for vegans and vegetarians! Source
Also souvenir shopping is almost done. I love the Moomins!


  1. Ah tyrnejä! Meidän saaren mökillä oli hirveesti tyrnimarjapuskia ja meidän äiti teki aina ihanaa tyrnimarjakiisseliä.
    Aina joskus ihmiset tuli meidän tontille, ja muidenkin, ja varasti niitä marjoja melki puskat tyhjiks! On niin arvokasta kamaa..

  2. Joo, olen yrittanyt etsia paikkaa taalta josta saisi kaikkein edullisimmin tyrnijauhetta ja rouhetta ja kaikkea tyrniin liittyvaa jota on helppo raahata takasin Jenkkeihin. Aika kallistahan se on, mutta elama on. :)

  3. jihuu! mukavia suomipäiviä sulle! :D

  4. I hope you have a great time with your family!

    And i couldn't agree more... here in the usa we suck with vacation time. Family is sooo much more important then work. =p

  5. This looks so great! I love Moomon :) And I never heard of Buckthorn, what is it exactly? Enjoy your vacation!


  6. We are about to move to an American area in Bangkok (hmm that sounds a bit funny...anyway) and my husband only told me yesterday that the people there might only get 2 weeks holiday a year as that is how it works in the states...I didn't believe him! In Australia its at least 4 weeks. Luckily he works for a company that give 6 weeks a year

    those photos are stunning, I would love to visit there one day

  7. @Miss Flying V: Sea Buckthorn is a shrub that grows well in cold climates and has amazing health benefits. We normally just eat the berries and make jams and juices from them, but also the leaves can be used to make tea and the bark for something else (not sure what, never used it). Here's more info:


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