Friday, September 9, 2011


Went finally to check out the newly opened part of the Highline Park and walked it from the beginning till the end. The tour started from the Tap on the Lot with some kimchi tacos from the Kimchi Truck and cold beers. Yummy and hot.
We were early so the beergarten/foodtruck area was still empty, but I can imagine how busy this place gets in the evenings and weekends.
Artist on the job. 
Heart of the Meatpacking District.
My favorite place in Manhattan; Chelsea Market. They got great selection of little stores and restaurants. After last visit I made Chelsea Market as my go to place for gift shopping for every person in my life. I mean, they got such unique, nice things in the stores that there's no need to look further. My life got so much easier after realizing this. Some of my favorite stores are Chelsea Market Baskets (LOVE!), Posman Books (wow, what a unique selection!), One Lucky Duck (wheatgrass shots and green smoothies), Friedman's (veggie burger) and the Nut Box (I'm nuts for nuts). Thank you Chelsea Market.
After few days of darkness and heavy rains the rain has finally stopped and the sun is out brighter than ever. Gives me energy to get my butt up this chair and go enjoy the outdoors. Have a wonderful weekend friends!


  1. Kimchee tacos sound fabulous! I walked the length of the high line last time I was back and really enjoyed it.
    Thanks for stopping by and hope you liked FNO!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Mega bummer... You know what, I missed Fashion Night Out in Paris! I have been so much in our move preps... trying to find my way in our box-filled, more like a warehouse of an apartment.

    But hey... Fashion Night can be any night. And I have gone out. Have to get my clubbing quota in before saying goodie byes to Paris.

    I'd like to taste some Kimchi but haven't seen it in Paris.

    Have a glamorous new week, Sweets!

  3. I could go for a few kimchee tacos myself right now...wonderful pictures!


  4. those tacos look delicious! i wanted to walk the highline after dinner in mpd one night but it was closed. so sad! xx

  5. nice post dear blogger

  6. The market is really awesome, i can say that is my favorite spot in the city, you can go and eat or just seat and read a book, but also you can find interesting stuff which is really cool.


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