Saturday, September 3, 2011


Let the pictures speak for themselves although there's no camera or photographer that can capture the true greatness of the Grand Canyon. When we left Arizona and flew over the Canyon I was completely speechless. I can't believe how huge it is. The sight still amazes me. The park includes over a million acres of land - 1,218,375.54 acres / 493,077 hectares, or 1,904 square miles / 4931 square kilometers.
The must take "jumping idiot" photo.
Wave hi to my mom up there! My dad always manages to look like the dorky tourist... Which he is. Love him.


  1. thank you :) yes, that place is beautiful. it's a little ruin in the fields.


    ps.: sorry, my english is horrible.

  2. Upeaa! Niin harmittaa, että tuolla ei tullut käytyä silloin, kun Jenkeissä asuttiin, mutta ehkä vielä joskus!

  3. Wow... so open, so aired... and your dear family with you. All the goodies are on your side.


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