Thursday, September 1, 2011


In Flagstaff we stayed at the same hotel I stayed with my sister, Monte Vista. It's still in need of serious updating, but we stayed only two nights so it was ok for the price. We got Humphrey Bogart's room with all black walls which made it a bit creepy. Didn't get to see any ghosts this time either. Bummer.
Hold on! Just noticed there's a ghost in this photo! Awesome!
We dined at a wonderful restaurant called Mountain Oasis just a block away from our hotel. They had tons of vegetarian options which made it difficult for me to choose. I'm used to restaurants having just one thing in their menu for me to eat. My parents had huge salads and I had mediterranean plate which the kitchen got wrong at first so on top of that dish I was also given (for free) the falafel plate. So much food. But delicious. 
My dad and I enjoying Tequila Sunrise (made from fresh squeezed juices). 
In the heart of Flagstaff. So much music everywhere. This is a true party town. I guess that's because they have the university here.
Our hotel.
Great selection of spiritual stores, eclectic and vintage clothing boutiques, Native American art and jewelry shops etc. I really dig this little historic town. Great place to stay when visiting the Canyon. I'll be back! Hopefully with the hubby this time.


  1. Wau, mikä huone! Tahtoo tollasen makkarin =)

  2. That hotel looks amazing! I would love it :)


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