Thursday, September 8, 2011


 We are lucky that every Saturday morning there's a farmer's market just one block away from our house. And I've noticed that there's so much more organic produce now than a year ago. More organic farmer's and bakers coming out this way which is awesome. 
I definitely ended up spending way more money than I would in our local natural supermarket (Whole Foods), but I much rather support the farmers than big corporations. 
I think at this point of our lives we buy 90% organic. Few years back I remember telling my co-worker that I wish I could afford to buy everything organic and now we're almost there! Most vegetables we buy organic, same goes with almond milk, tomato sauce, rice, quinoa, pasta, hummus and so on. My husband also buys his meat organic from local butchers. If you cannot afford to buy everything organic all the time check out this list that reveals the "dirty dozen" (foods that are most contaminated with pesticides) and also the 12 least contaminated foods. Following the guidelines of this list I always buy apples, pears and celery (for my green smoothies) organic. Bananas I usually go Fair Trade rather than organic. 

Have a healthy day! I'm getting ready for Fashions Night Out in NYC!


  1. Ah, looking good! And thanks for the dirty list :)

  2. Yay for Fair Trade bananas! I'll have to look closer next time I go to Whole Foods. It's not close enough for us to do all our shopping there, but not being able to buy Fair Trade bananas (after like ten years of buying nothing but ft in Finland) at our regular market really bugs me.

  3. Katje: no problem. I like to keep my sisters safe. :)

    Pilvi: maybe you should start bombing the owner/manager/corporation with emails, letters and phone calls (if you already haven't) and demand some fair trade bananas in your store. We have very active, loud and big community of eco/vegan/progressive people in my area that get what they want eventually. Just gotta be persistent.

  4. this market looks so good, I would love having a market near my house, but not all them are so near, we need to drive 2 hours to get one...


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