Sunday, August 28, 2011


 It rained all evening and all night so we expected there to be some flooding in the area. We hung out at my sister-in-law's house with her and her husband until midnight, had some wine and chatted, and then headed home down the street from them.
It wasn't windy at all at night, so we slept peacefully. In the morning we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood and see if there were any damages. Nothing major, few tree branches down, big puddles and then this poor little park that was completely under the water. 
 We were also suppose to go to a vineyard wedding on a Saturday night, but couldn't make it because of the street closures in South Jersey. Felt so bad for the couple. Hopefully they managed to have a great wedding anyway. So let me introduce you the dress I was going to wear since there's no party photos to show. 
Dress: Anthropologie
 Purse choice number one.
Purse choice number two.
 Earrings my mother-in-law got me from London.
Tomorrow it is back to work for me, but it seems that the public transportation system is still not going be running normally in the morning. Have to keep checking I guess. Although wouldn't mind extending my weekend.


  1. Aika hurja maara vetta! Onneksi mitaan sen pahempaa siella teilla pain ei kaynyt :) Mekkosi on aivan ihana, harmi ettette paasseet haihin.

  2. Hyvä, että selvisitte! Nytkö se siis meni jo ohi?

  3. On kyllä tosi paljon vettä siellä
    mutta onneksi ei isompia tuhoja tullut.


  4. Harmi ettette päässeet häihin, mutta hyvä ettei mitään suurempaa tuhoa tullut! Aivan ihana tuo mekkosi.

  5. Ohi meni ja akkia. Ei ollut oikeen mitaan muuta erikoista kuin etta satoi vaan pirusti ja kauan aikaa. Mutta ei edes kovin tuulista. Odotin median vauhkoamisesta paatellen paljon pahempaa. Mutta tallain se aina taalla menee. Tietysti oli hyva varautua pahimpaan koska eihan sita ikina tieda.


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