Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Like I mentioned before, my parents were visiting from Finland for two weeks and since they've seen NYC so many times they wanted to travel somewhere else for few days to explore. They had seen the photos of the trip I took with my sister last spring to Arizona and suggested we go see the Grand Canyon. So there we went.
 Last time we didn't have time to see Sedona so that was on my list of things to do. This time we also rented a car which created so much more possibilities to see different places, instead of relying on shuttle buses and their very limited schedules. We drove from Phoenix airport to Flagstaff through the breathtakingly gorgeous Sedona, which is conveniently located on the way to Flagstaff. Driving through Sedona we saw a sign for the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Since it was still sunny out and we were only about 40 minutes away from Flagstaff we stopped there to admire these views. Holy moly.
Imagine living here and waking up to this sight every morning. 
Uptown Sedona has many great restaurants, bars, cute little stores, spiritual businesses to have a photo of your aura taken, psychics and so on. And it's all surrounded by these beautiful views of the red rock formations.  
View from the Chapel of the Holy Cross. From here we continued to drive through the picturesque little roads of the Oak Creek Canyon towards Flagstaff which is only about 30 miles away. We had booked a hotel in Flagstaff for two nights because we wanted to stay somewhere away from the tourist traps around Grand Canyon. It's just 1,5hr drive to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff is really fun lively town to spend time between sightseeing. 
To be continued...


  1. Second most gorgeous place in the world I've seen. First one is still Taj Mahal in sunset.

  2. Oh my! It was January when I was at Grand Canyon, and while breathtaking then, these pictures really make me want to go back in a greener season!

  3. I love this area! So glad you got to explore around. It's been years since I traveled through there but I will always remember it. =) Beautiful!

  4. Pilvi; I think next time I visit I'd like to go in the fall when leaves are changing colors. Imagine that beauty.

    Ashley; Yes, this place is somewhat unforgettable. I know that I will be back. I'd really love to do those one week yoga-raw food-meditation-hiking retreats, but they are so darn expensive. With the same price I can go all the way to India to do it for 2 weeks!

  5. Voi apua, kuinka upean näköistä=)) Yksi suurimmista unelmistani olisi asua tulevaisuudessa Amerikassa. Onko se tosiaan niin ihana paikka kuin kuvittelen? Miten muuten on edennyt floppy hatun etsintä? Siellä tarjonta on varmaan laajempi kuin Suomen maassa =)

  6. What a beautiful view, I just love places like this one.


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