Monday, August 22, 2011


 My parents have been here for the past two weeks and we took a nice little trip out to west. They're leaving back to Finland today so I can share our journey with you soon. It's been great to have them around and I'll miss them, although going to visit them in a month or so when I head out that way.
Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Tervetuloa takaisin =) Mullakin oli tuossa blogi taukoa vähän pidempäänkin, mutta palasin taas. Hyvää syksyn alkua =)

  2. Thanks akissfromthepast and Jazmin! These views were truly breathtaking. Imagine waking up every morning and staring something like this from your window. It brings you such peace. Now I'm back on the grind for few weeks (hopefully not more) and then head out to Finland for another vacation.

  3. Wow you are on vacation mode! That's great. Looks so beautiful out west. Wish I could fly so I could take mini vacations now that I finally have the money again..
    Well we could take a minivaca to Fire Island again one Wednesday! :)

  4. I scrolled down and took a peak at all the lovely posts I had missed while Finland land. The kittens taking it easy, giving us the sweet impulse. You prancing out of the Cuban restaurant, wearing the best summer dress ever.

    Your adventures inspire, sweet city boho chic lady. I am so glad I shall soon be so much closer...

    Going back to Finland was sweet. Nine years away now. I realize that my roots are there. And that feels good and sturdy. But also that my today is elsewhere, and that feels even better since life is about going, discovering and meeting lovely people like you last summer!


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