Thursday, July 14, 2011


Fire Island is the ultimate beach getaway just a short ferry ride from Long Island. The island is car-free and very LGBT-friendly and so not pretentious like the Hamptons can be. Before heading out to the ferry terminal we had some apple martinis at a friends patio in Babylon. 
Yes, there's a boat slip in her backyard. Is this what the real housewives do all day, coz I'm loving it! Now how do I get in?
So of course time flies when you're having fun sipping martinis in this gorgeous weather and we were late driving to the ferry and missed it just by few minutes. Bummer.
So we hung out at the beach, ate some junk food at the ferry terminal restaurant and that way those 2 hrs didn't end up feeling so long. Just like I said earlier; time flies when you're having fun.
And so we finally hopped on the ferry. Little did we know that we took the wrong one... 
To be continued...


  1. Great posting :) you are so chic ^^
    and so fit, i was looking the other posting as well about the gym! i used to go to gym too, but now days im just doing Shindo..

  2. You chicks just look so sweet! It makes me wanna jump right in. Time flies and precious moments are lived. You do it with so much grace and an interesting twist!


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