Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Summer is... Spontaneous trips down to the shore. We both had Thursday off so we hopped in a car and drove to the pretty beaches of Sandy Hook. If the name sounds familiar, I've introduced you to this place about a year ago the first time. The only restaurant on the island, Seagull's Nest, was still crappy concession stand food served in disposable plastic containers that's just so wrong. Imagine the amount of trash that comes out of this place every summer. Next time I rather eat at the seaside town Highlands which is just across the bridge. Or even better yet, bring my own picnic basket.
Empty beach. Paradise.
 After beach we visited "Little India" in Iselin, NJ that houses a plethora of Indian businesses including jewelry-, clothing- and video stores as well as restaurants. We got these gigantic Masala Dosas at one of the restaurants and boy were they good.

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