Thursday, June 2, 2011


We did just a little Happy Hour after work to say cheers to the summer and celebrate the beginning of the season. Last winter we've been really just hibernating and saving our money. But now we're back!
A friend recommended this place, The Beekman Beer Garden Beach Club at South Street Seaport for outdoor drinks, but we did not enjoy it one bit. The views of the East River and Brooklyn are nice, but it is very touristy and the drink prices outrageous. Watered down frozen margarita cost us $14 a piece...
My drink: Shirley Temple with a splash of vodka.
So we started walking towards Lower East Side and ended up at The Delancey. When I first moved into NYC in 2004 I lived right down the street from this place, the Baruch Projects. So I would always walk past this place on my way home, but never went inside. Until now. 
They have nice sized rooftop terrace with palm trees, lounge chairs and a little fountain and their drinks are very reasonably priced ($5 & up).
  The surprise that ended our evening here was the Fetish Party that started happening around us an hour into us stepping in. You may see part of a naked woman right behind us lying down on the edge of the water fountain who was getting burned with fire. In front of us was group of people getting shocked with electricity. And on the other side there was a man getting needles inserted to his genitals. So yeah, it was very interesting evening to say the least.


  1. Jessus minkä hintaisia drinksuja! Ja heh mikä paikka, erilainen ilta :)

  2. Juu on sita kalliimpiakin cocktaileja juotu kerran eraassa nimeltamainitsemattomassa venalaisessa ravintolassa taalla. Mutta en kylla tallaisesta paikasta olisi uskonut etta kehtaisivat $14 pyytaa. Ei ikina koskaan takaisin tanne...

  3. Viude vaude, mita ohjelmaa teilla oli!!! :D


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