Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes, it can get wild at nights in Atlantic City. There are so many clubs,  happy hours and bars to choose from and with a big crowd you're all about the good time.
We did spin few rounds at the dance floor at DUSK, but things got even wilder after leaving the club and heading over to the Wild Wild West. Pictures are pretty self-explanatory. 
I also finally had the pleasure to eat at Hard Rock Cafe which I've never done in my life. They have salads and few other veggie options (sandwich and a burger), but what I loved was the cocktail called Purple Haze. I didn't actually order that at first. I ordered something with coconut water, but the bartender refused to make it because he said it tastes terrible. So I went with his recommendation and got the Purple Haze that has Vodka, Rum and Gin mixed with Sweet and Sour then topped with Sierra Mist and Chambord Liqueur Royale.
Mmmm... Purple Haze.
Good times.

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