Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm a little behind with my weekly Twitpic reviews so here are some from few weeks ago... 
I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Blossom, but unfortunately the restaurant was way too dark to take any decent photos of the food and interiors. I had their Seitan Scallopini which is seitan cutlets in white wine, lemon and caper sauce served with mashed potatoes and sauteed kale. All my favorites in one meal. Delicious. Need to go back for that soon.
Had a business meeting at Goodman's Cafe during lunch. Wonderful tea and cookies. Surrounded by many old, rich women. I guess this is their place to lunch.
Visited Otarian for some vegan tacos. Could've eaten three of these portions. I've learned to eat the American way. Big portions.
We had few warm sunny days before these rainfalls got us. And you can be sure I enjoyed every moment of it.
Day dreaming at work as usual.
Vappu picnic in Central Park with the Finns. Not nearly as warm as last year, but so many goodies!
Lunch break at work. Burrito and beer from Chipotle with a side of hot sauce.
Have a beautiful weekend! We have some family fun coming up Saturday and Sunday I'll be getting my flow on over here.


  1. Olin kirjoittamassa sinulle kommenttia...mihinköhän mahtoi hävitä???
    Ihana kuulla muista ulkosuomalaisista.Sinulla on ihastuttava blogi, mielenkiintoinen ja raikas!! Iloista viikonloppua sinulle myös!

  2. How funny to see you in your work looks... Quite different from the more relaxed styles that you so wonderfully rock as well. But that is life, different places and adapting to them, yet trying to remain true to ourselves and what we want to promote and present as ours.

    I love seeing pics of your every day life. There is just something very engaging in it. I live a tiny sweet crumbs of your life. And then get happily on with mine.

    I got into listening Gabby B. I am getting inspired. Thanks for the link. Oh, and enjoy fam-time!

  3. Kiitos Kirsikka!

    Susu; I did Gabby's and Latham's Yoga & Meditation workshop last weekend and it was great kickstart for my yogini career. I got very inspired and got conscious about my problem area which is concentration during the meditation. Something I seriously need to start working on. My mind just wanders non-stop to all places where it's not suppose to go. Even with guided meditation. Gabby has free guided meditations on ITunes I've downloaded on my ipod so I can start working with those first. So glad you've found Gabby as well!

  4. Free Guided Meditations have really helped me in my stressful life. Thanks for sharing.


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