Sunday, May 1, 2011


It was beautiful Saturday, "perfect California weather", like hubs would say. Spent most of the day outdoors just chilling. It was also Vappu, but we didn't do anything traditional. Once there's kids in the picture I'll start promoting my culture a little more. Promise!
We tried to take some Vappu photos for the family, but Miina wasn't cooperating as usual. She just hates to take photos with me. Don't understand why...
Sunday afternoon I'll try to get myself to Central Park for the traditional Vappu picnic with the Finns. I don't think it's going to be as warm as last year, but sunny anyways. 
Happy Vappu/Valborgs/May Day to everyone who celebrates!!!


  1. Ihania kissoja sinulla! meille tulee nyt kesakuussa pieni raidallinen kolli, jannittaa ihan kauheasti kun ei ole ollut kissaa aikaisemmin :)

  2. Kiitos! Ja oi ihanaa! Kuvia kehiin ja paljon kun lapsi ilmestyy!


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