Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our second last day in Negril we took a ride to the Mayfield Falls with these two common street hustlers "Jim Jones" and "Large" my husband met on a walk. It was about hour and a half scenic mountain drive from our place with two pit stops at Jim's and Large's houses. 
But the falls were gorgeous. It was quiet, clean, almost completely tourist free and our guide taking us through was super. He was so knowledgeable about every plant, fruit, seed, tree and creature at the falls. He showed us natural cures for every known disease during a short walk on the hills by the falls. What an impressive young man.
I could've spent the entire day here just playing in the water and sitting in the natures hot tubs. How much fun this must be for kids.
Romper: DKNY
This concludes the story of our trip to Negril. My husband wants to rent this villa for Thanksgiving and bring the entire family here, so we'll see when we'll return again.
Love you Jamaica.


  1. The Mayfield Falls look so wonderful and peaceful.

  2. Yes, it was. I would've loved to spend all day there. They had nice restaurant and bar and puppies and other dogs to play with.

  3. Ihania reissukuvia ja nuo hedelmät aikaisemmin, nami!

    Me oltiin kans aikanaan Negrilissä. Ainut mikä mätti oli sukelluspaikat. Kaikki fisut dynamiittikalastettu tai muuuten vain ryöstökalastettu.


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