Saturday, May 7, 2011


I had two job interviews this week and really could upgrade my cheap blazers and pants to a real power suit that exudes confidence and strength. Haven't been in a shopping mood lately, so once that kicks back on, the hunt for the perfect suit begins.
I love this Sienna bag from Mimi Boutique. Big enough to fit my resume folder and other necessary documents. 


  1. Onnea työnhaun kanssa! Ihanan keväisen näköistä! Suloiset kisut :) Mulla ei ole muuten koskaan ollut yhtenäistä pukua (samaa merkkiä ja sarjaa), vaikka ois voinu tarvita.

  2. good luck on the job front...I know it can be tuff out there! check out my blog Monday for a Keurig giveaway if you do not already own one, they are awesome! have a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks ladies! It seems that you need to have connections and know people before you even get an interview. So hard. But I'm off to vacation now so I can relax and get my mind something else to think about. I have scheduled few postings while I'm gone so you won't forget about me. Ciao!



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