Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All I can say is; what a perfect vacation in a perfect place with the perfect person (almost). Negril was great, it didn't rain once the entire week and those waters are just gorgeous. We went swimming 3-4 times a day and night times spent hanging out at our outdoor jacuzzi and pool.
Waiting for dinner to be served.
This is the gazebo where we had breakfast, lunch and dinner every day when not out. It overlooks the ocean and the sunsets during dinner time, right between main course and dessert, were breathtaking (see last photo).
Taking a walk. Repping Marimekko (bag).
Hanging out at the Booby Cay island.
It was very relaxing week all and all. We took long walks along the 7 mile beach every day, I did sun salutations right after waking up in the morning, took glass bottom boat rides to nearby islands, we even went snorkeling (first time for both of us) and it was so much fun, after I got the hang of it, they had to drag me out of the water. Could've stayed watching the wonders of the ocean for hours. It's truly very exciting world down under.
We also went to the cliffs, but were too afraid to jump down. Chickens. It is so beautiful and quiet there. We were the only people around which made it even scarier just in case something happened in the water...
This was the view from the gazebo while having dinner. Oh so romantic. Wish dinners could always be like this.


  1. Hey wow... I am so glad for you. I know that you guys work hard and really really really... (OK, I'll stop now;) deserve all the goodies!

    I am getting more and more into yoga, too. I did my sun salutations and other empowering moves on the French Riviera beach last week. I just feel so alive and grateful once in action.

    Learning how to relax more and more too - and it is working!

  2. Looks a lot like Hawaii! I want to go on a tropical holiday too.
    Great photos.

  3. Looks like tons of fun!!! Im so jealous, lol, I need vaca...

  4. Hey Susu,

    yes, I think we really deserved this vacation since the last trip together before this was 2 years ago... Not good for your relationship. Glad you've found yoga as well. I felt so sore after 2 days starting it, because yeah, it's been a while since I stretched last... Really gotta put myself back into it 100%, I'm sure that's going to bring so much positivity in my life.

    Thanks Saara, you can imagine the Hamptons are the tropics this summer. With all the heat and humidity it might just work. :)

    Abbie, I waited for this vacation for very long time. We just agreed with my husband that we need to travel out of this country at least twice a year. We're starting to realize the importance of getting away from the usual and taking care of our relationship.

    Happy rest of the week ladies!

  5. WOW I always wanna go to jamica :)

    Hope you have a great time :)

  6. Awwwww the place looks so beautiful ...am so jealous of you:-) you look happy and relaxed. i totally love that pic of you repping marimeko bag!i miss you my dear girl. keep on smilling!! Wende

  7. Hey Wende!

    So great to hear from you darling! Miss u! Hopefully I can see you and your baby, who's not baby anymore, I know. Been forever since we've been able to catch up for real. Have a wonderful spring!

  8. Hi! I really love your pictures and I saw that you are using a canon point-and-shoot? Which one exactly and are you using these for most of your images? Cheers from New York,


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