Saturday, May 14, 2011


 We got back from Jamaica yesterday and it was such wonderful trip. Above is our private villa, Ginger Breeze. Truly luxurious accommodations and it comes equipped with your own private chef AND a butler. I got so much to do getting back to real life, so I will post more about the trip sometime next week.


  1. Welcome back! Kuulostaapa luksukselta! Me olimme häämatkalla Jamaikalla :)

  2. Thank you! Ei olla tuollaista luxusta koettu koskaan elamassamme joten ihan mieleton reissu. Tama oli meidan toinen kerta Jamaikalla, mutta viimeksi asuttiin ihan normaalisti vaan resortilla. Voi kun olisikin varaa asua talla lailla joka kerta kun matkustaa.

  3. How on EARTH do you even get back to real life after going there?? eeps!

  4. Baba Cool... Zen... however you wanna call it? Wo-man, you are lucky! Do you feel more relaxed now?

    Tell us more about what you did... drooling!


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