Thursday, May 19, 2011


There's nothing better than fresh, local foods. Did you know that typical carrot has to travel 1,838miles to reach your dinner table? Therefore buying your veggies at farmer's market is a smart idea. Well, this wasn't the case in Jamaica. Every morning we had huge plate of fruits and pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice. Such a big difference compared to store bought orange juice. I don't think I'll ever drink boxed orange juice again. And none of you should. Trust me. And please read this article. 
Besides the fruits I also had some banana and pineapple pancakes or crepes. Hubby went with omelettes and the good old American BLTs...
For welcome dinner our chef Sarge had prepared traditional Jamaican Jerk; jerk chicken for hubby and grilled jerk veggies for me. Served with rice and beans.
I gave Sarge pretty free hands with my meals. I usually just requested "something Ital"which is pure, traditional Jamaican cooking without meat, salt or additives. This is what Rastafarians eat. And who could believe food without salt can taste this good. You really gotta master the use of fresh herbs and other spices and our chef absolutely did. 
Here's another Ital dish. Potatoes and some other roots, beans, carrots and kale in savory sauce.
Husband was having curry goat. I loved rum sours our butler Glen made. Good food, good drinks=one happy girl. :)
All and all Jamaica is very veg friendly island due to the Rastafari culture. We saw tons of vegetarian food huts along the roadsides and beach. So there's no way you'll get hungry in Jamaica.


  1. Oh my goodness, grilled jerk veggies and fruits look amazing! Aw spring has finally sprung in NYC!

  2. I miss the food so much now. It's just so different taste when produce isn't fresh from the trees and bushes, but travelled 2 days from California or Florida or where ever they come from to this part of the country...

    It's still just rain and cool and very humid here. Ready for something else. Feels like it's been raining forever. It actually has since we came back from our vacation.


  3. Voi kun vois joka päivä alottaa aamunsa tuoreilla hedelmillä. Ite ei kato jaksa sitä kuorimista ja pilkkomista ;)

  4. Arsyttavaahan se on, mutta otan itseani niskasta kiinni ja muutun pilkkomisrobotiksi ja akkiakos sita tulee iso kulho hedelmasalaattia tayteen. Paitsi mangoa en suostu pilkkomaan, miehen heinia. ;)


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