Thursday, May 5, 2011


All the beautiful greens in the smoothie; spirulina, hemp protein powder, grass powder, kale, and last, but not least, celery. Add banana and apple for some sweetness and it actually tastes good. Trust me!
Spring is the best time here, but unfortunately it doesn't last long before the steaming hotness and humidity kicks in. Can hardly wait. And neither can my hair...

We bought this kitty bed for Miina before we adopted her and now finally, after 5 years of ignoring it, she started using it. Yay for Miina!
I'm a huge fan of hummus (especially Trader Joe's jalapeno-cilantro hummus), but making your own hummus really isn't difficult at all. I found this recipe at Chocochili and it came out wonderful even I'm not very good at following recipes.
Homemade hummus ingredients:

 soaked (overnight) and boiled (1h) chickpeas, 
few spoonfuls plain coconut milk yogurt, 
few spoonfuls of peanut- or almond butter, 
olive oil to create smooth consistency, 
and fresh herbs to taste (I would've picked cilantro, but my store didn't have it). 

Throw everything in food processor and enjoy with fresh baked bread.


  1. those foods are pure greatness! i have used chrolella levää :)cat is great too- awesome eyes :) that white house looks super cute too ;)

  2. The house and surroundings looks great and the cat too! Cute! :)

  3. Thanks guys! We are happy and sad at the same time to leave this house which has been our home for the past 3 years, but new adventures await. More about it later! Miina says thanks for your kind comments.


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