Friday, October 14, 2011


Age: Age ain't nutting but a number, therefore I am ageless :)
Bedsize: Queen that's starting to feel a bit small for two people and two growing cats.
Chores that you hate: All of them, but vacuuming, mopping and dusting just bores me out of my mind. I'm still contemplating hiring some nice little cleaning lady. 
Dogs: I will forever miss my German Shepherd Sizzy. R.I.P. love.
 Cats: Miina and Moses. My Siamese sweethearts complete our rainbow family.
Essential start to your day: Tongue scraper, warm water with lemon and my famous green smoothie.
Favorite color: Black. And different hues of orange.
Gold or Silver: Silver. Gold looks good on me only when I'm tanned.
Height: 5'-8"
Instruments you play: None well. Few songs with piano.
Job title: I HATE MY JOB.
Kids: None now. Some day maybe. Three is good number.
Mother's Name: Kristiina
Nicknames: Kat, Katz, K, KK, Special K, BabyKakes, Katupat (my husband made up that senseless tribal name and embarrases me frequently by yelling it out loud when were shopping and I drift away)
Overnight hospital stays: When I was born. I believe.
Pet peeves: when people say "I aksed him why". Dude, it ain't so hard to say. ASK.
Quote from a movie or tv show: "Totally... Totes McGotes!" (I love you man)
Right or Lefty: Righty tighty!
Siblings: Yesh I do. Younger. Sister.
Time you wake up: To go to work at 5.15am and hit the snooze button few times after that. When there's no work I naturally wake up around 9am.
Underwear: Comfort comes first.
Vegetable you hate: Okra (so slimy and nasty). And celery but slowly trying to make friends with it and already allow it in my smoothies. Still hate the taste though, but it's healthy so what am I to do.
What makes you run late: Hitting snooze button few too many times and then trying to have time to make and drink my morning smoothie.
X-Rays You've Had: Only at the dentist once every year (is it really necessary or is it just the way to get my money???)
Yummy food you make: Vegetarian only. Stews. Anything I can just throw in a pot and stick in the oven.
Zoo Animal: Zoos are depressing. There's no reason to keep animals in cages. Watch TV if you want to see them. So many great  documentaries out there. I believe in animal liberation.
Now play along if you want and post your answers in comments or in your blog and have a wonderful weekend! Mine is going to be full of friends as well as some spirituality. 


  1. I might play and copy the questions.. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. my sister uses the phrase totes mcgotes all the time! i love that movie! and your kitties are so darling! what a fun idea...

  3. Kommenttini koskee kohtaa X. :)

    Olen siinä käsityksessä, että amerikkalaiset ja suomalaiset hammaslääkärit eroavat tässä suhteessa toisistaan. Kotimaassa röntgenkuvia ei oteta joka vuosi, ellei ole syytä epäillä että sieltä löytyisi jokin piileskelevä reikä. Näin ymmärtääkseni siksi, että pään alueen säteilyannos halutaan pitää mahdollisimman pienenä (toki minultakin on joskus otettu kuvat vuoden välein, kun on haluttu varmistaa, ettei mitään häikkää ole). Amerikkalaiset lääkärit tuntuvat tekevän monia asioita ns. varmuuden vuoksi, ja olen kuullut että jos vaikkapa haluat kieltäytyä röntgenistä, joudut myöntämään lekurille jonkinlaisen vastuuvapauden siltä varalta että jotain jää löytymättä siksi, että kuvia ei otettu. Oikeusjuttujen luvattu maa, u know. ;)

  4. Nice shots, the cats are just lovely and cute.


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