Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been talking about yoga for the longest time and last weekend I got the best kickstart imaginable for yoga and meditation at Om Factory on West 37th St. Gabrielle Bernstein of and Latham Thomas of Tender Shoots Wellness led two hour workshop called Get your Flow On! that combined the spiritual and physicals aspects of getting your life on the flow together with the universe. 
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My body felt immediately comfortable with the moves and stretches, I was able to get deep breathing on the flow quite well after the first quarter, but my mind had hard time. I have some serious concentration issues that came very clear to me during the first meditation practice. My mind just won't stop wondering. I've noticed the same issue when I try to read which is why it takes me very long time to go through one book. So this is definitely something I need to keep practicing until I become the master of my own mind.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our second last day in Negril we took a ride to the Mayfield Falls with these two common street hustlers "Jim Jones" and "Large" my husband met on a walk. It was about hour and a half scenic mountain drive from our place with two pit stops at Jim's and Large's houses. 
But the falls were gorgeous. It was quiet, clean, almost completely tourist free and our guide taking us through was super. He was so knowledgeable about every plant, fruit, seed, tree and creature at the falls. He showed us natural cures for every known disease during a short walk on the hills by the falls. What an impressive young man.
I could've spent the entire day here just playing in the water and sitting in the natures hot tubs. How much fun this must be for kids.
Romper: DKNY
This concludes the story of our trip to Negril. My husband wants to rent this villa for Thanksgiving and bring the entire family here, so we'll see when we'll return again.
Love you Jamaica.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My dear friend was part of a show at Roy Arias Studios in Times Square and of course I was there to support her with flowers and all at the opening night.
After the show we went to celebrate with some hurricanes at a nearby bar, Bourbon Street. 
I like how my pink pepper spray bottle got in to this picture, hanging from my hand. Yes, when it gets dark I walk with pepper spray ready to start spraying around. You can never be too careful.
Weather here has been all over the place, one day it's really warm and the next cold. I'm not sure if it's the temperature changes or what, but I woke up with sore throat and runny nose right before my vacation and fought it with Blue Green Algae (E3Live) and Wheatgrass shots from Juice Generation. I gotta say that was the shortest cold I've ever had. Natural remedies do work! 

Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm a little behind with my weekly Twitpic reviews so here are some from few weeks ago... 
I enjoyed a wonderful meal at Blossom, but unfortunately the restaurant was way too dark to take any decent photos of the food and interiors. I had their Seitan Scallopini which is seitan cutlets in white wine, lemon and caper sauce served with mashed potatoes and sauteed kale. All my favorites in one meal. Delicious. Need to go back for that soon.
Had a business meeting at Goodman's Cafe during lunch. Wonderful tea and cookies. Surrounded by many old, rich women. I guess this is their place to lunch.
Visited Otarian for some vegan tacos. Could've eaten three of these portions. I've learned to eat the American way. Big portions.
We had few warm sunny days before these rainfalls got us. And you can be sure I enjoyed every moment of it.
Day dreaming at work as usual.
Vappu picnic in Central Park with the Finns. Not nearly as warm as last year, but so many goodies!
Lunch break at work. Burrito and beer from Chipotle with a side of hot sauce.
Have a beautiful weekend! We have some family fun coming up Saturday and Sunday I'll be getting my flow on over here.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


There's nothing better than fresh, local foods. Did you know that typical carrot has to travel 1,838miles to reach your dinner table? Therefore buying your veggies at farmer's market is a smart idea. Well, this wasn't the case in Jamaica. Every morning we had huge plate of fruits and pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice. Such a big difference compared to store bought orange juice. I don't think I'll ever drink boxed orange juice again. And none of you should. Trust me. And please read this article. 
Besides the fruits I also had some banana and pineapple pancakes or crepes. Hubby went with omelettes and the good old American BLTs...
For welcome dinner our chef Sarge had prepared traditional Jamaican Jerk; jerk chicken for hubby and grilled jerk veggies for me. Served with rice and beans.
I gave Sarge pretty free hands with my meals. I usually just requested "something Ital"which is pure, traditional Jamaican cooking without meat, salt or additives. This is what Rastafarians eat. And who could believe food without salt can taste this good. You really gotta master the use of fresh herbs and other spices and our chef absolutely did. 
Here's another Ital dish. Potatoes and some other roots, beans, carrots and kale in savory sauce.
Husband was having curry goat. I loved rum sours our butler Glen made. Good food, good drinks=one happy girl. :)
All and all Jamaica is very veg friendly island due to the Rastafari culture. We saw tons of vegetarian food huts along the roadsides and beach. So there's no way you'll get hungry in Jamaica.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


All I can say is; what a perfect vacation in a perfect place with the perfect person (almost). Negril was great, it didn't rain once the entire week and those waters are just gorgeous. We went swimming 3-4 times a day and night times spent hanging out at our outdoor jacuzzi and pool.
Waiting for dinner to be served.
This is the gazebo where we had breakfast, lunch and dinner every day when not out. It overlooks the ocean and the sunsets during dinner time, right between main course and dessert, were breathtaking (see last photo).
Taking a walk. Repping Marimekko (bag).
Hanging out at the Booby Cay island.
It was very relaxing week all and all. We took long walks along the 7 mile beach every day, I did sun salutations right after waking up in the morning, took glass bottom boat rides to nearby islands, we even went snorkeling (first time for both of us) and it was so much fun, after I got the hang of it, they had to drag me out of the water. Could've stayed watching the wonders of the ocean for hours. It's truly very exciting world down under.
We also went to the cliffs, but were too afraid to jump down. Chickens. It is so beautiful and quiet there. We were the only people around which made it even scarier just in case something happened in the water...
This was the view from the gazebo while having dinner. Oh so romantic. Wish dinners could always be like this.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


 We got back from Jamaica yesterday and it was such wonderful trip. Above is our private villa, Ginger Breeze. Truly luxurious accommodations and it comes equipped with your own private chef AND a butler. I got so much to do getting back to real life, so I will post more about the trip sometime next week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Or at least wannabe-one. 
Dinner: Crispy wokked veggies, lentil rice pilaf, mushrooms and onion hash.