Thursday, April 21, 2011


 This will be the view from my office...
...and this will be my house. Yes, the entire house. And don't forget the private chef and bartender. Ah, home, sweet home. And I thought we were just going backpacking... Hubby sure knows how to surprise me.


  1. Wha wha what... it is going through, huh! Hey this is super sweet. You must be bursting!

  2. YES! YES! And YES! I'm too excited to do anything but look at these photos and dream about it all day long. I wish he had kept the secret and let me think we're going backpacking and staying at hostels and relatives, but I guess he couldn't keep it inside anymore either. It's just too perfect. It's going to be longest 2 weeks of my life waiting for something like this...

  3. What a brilliant surprise! Sounds like a dream vacation.. Enjoy! And take lots of pictures for us to see!

  4. WOW! JEALOUS! Where is that? Can't wait to see pictures when you come back!


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