Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 I got a blogger award from these two lovely ladies a while back, Lady Laetitia and Business Woman, and I've finally come up with seven things to reveal about myself, so here you go:
1. I ALWAYS start my morning with a huge jug of green smoothie inspired by Kimberly Snyder
2. When I was a teenager I had long dreadlocks for years
3. I also had a pet rat named Rebel Yazka, named after my ex-boyfriend
4. I've been mugged once in Helsinki, never anywhere else in the world
5. When I was a 17 years old I met Indian Sadhu in a local bus in Finland and 2 months later I was traveling around India with him
6. I've attended Kumbh Mela Sadhu Festival in Hardwar, India in 1998 together with 10 million pilgrims. Most amazing experience of my life
7. I wish to become a yogini one day

P.S. My very first giveaway lucky winners are: Uusi Aamu and Keidi. Congratulations ladies! Thank you everyone for participating and spreading the word! More to come so stay tuned!


  1. congrats for the winners! That's amazing, to meet someone like that and soon you are traveling with them :)

  2. Kiitokset suuret! Laitoinkin eilen sähköpostia kun tämän ihanuuden huomasin :)


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