Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 Yep, it's that time of the year again when people start asking what I would like for my birthday and I keep replying; nothing. So to make this easier for everyone I've collected here few things that I would gladly accept if they happen to find their way to my arms.
Since spring is on it's way I would love one of these dresses from Shabby Apple. Love that they are not too short like dresses nowadays tend to be. At this age I prefer something knee length. I'll probably be size small. I especially love the red, purple, lime/grey and black featured above, but anything from them goes. Ain't too picky. ;)
I adore yogi style jewelry from Brooklyn Thread. Ohm, Buddha, Lotus, stone beads in all colors, wraps, knots, charms and so on. Going over Brooklyn Threads products over and over again has inspired me to start my own creative journey and see if it fits me. I was a very creative child, but somewhere in college all the creativity was sucked out of me. Sad, but I'm slowly getting back in to it. So exciting.
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Another thing I always wanted to do was a yoga retreat in Costa Rica or Sedona, AZ. One week of yoga, meditation, raw foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, juicing, jogging, relaxing, reading, learning new things about wellness, jogging, surfing, cooking classes, ayurveda, massage, reiki and just pampering your mind and body.
But most of all, I want to get to give a gift of life to any of the precious farm animals at the Farm Sanctuary. I've fell in love with Amelia the piglet. How can something be so cute. Farm Sanctuary offers gift adoptions which I got last Thanksgiving for my hubs. He sure was surprised to get an email from them saying he has adopted a turkey.


  1. Love the bracelets! Couln't help it..had to order one for myself. Home shopping is just great!

  2. Wonderful! I'm still waiting for mine... They are just so ME. I would love to wear like 7-8 of those at once. But that would cost a small fortune...

  3. that would be so lovely to go to costa rica for yoga. i think im just itching for warm weather.
    happy day!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Ash Att

  4. that yoga retrit sounds so awesome idea. bracelets whit amulets are great! thank you for becoming as my reader!! that truly made my day :) Thank you for that=) it was so nice!!


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