Saturday, March 19, 2011


In case you didn't know yet, or follow me on Twitter, I post a lot of pictures taken with my cellular phone along with my tweets. So I collected my latest Twitpics here. This might become a weekly thing, just warning you.
Acting important at work.
Having giant bowl of kimchii stew during lunch break.
Ok, this is a bit older photo of our snowy house.
Hiding behind the green smoothie. Why? Dunno.
Girls getting ready to go out.
Pennsylvania countryside hipster camouflage.
Breakfast somewhere in Pennsylvania.
Rocking the pleather jacket.
Hanging out at Starbucks at 6.30am drinking soy chai and homemade breakfast sandwich waiting to go to work. The guys were blasting James Brown so I was feeling alright.
This is older again, but brings me back good memories of last summer and the hot day we took the ferry towards Sandy Hook. What a fun day!

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