Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We've started a nice tradition in our family called the Taco Tuesdays. Every Tuesday (when I'm not working the evening shift) we celebrate with some Mexican flavor. For my stuffing I sautee some finely chopped mushrooms, little bit of fresh diced tomato, plenty of red onion and corn kernels and meatless ground meat with taco seasonings. Put taco shells in the oven for 7 minutes, fill with meatless stuffing, top with fresh onion, lettuce and taco sauce. Make a mess and enjoy.


  1. Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut! Mä luen nykysin tosi harvoin blogeja, kun en oikeen töissä enää pysty :/

  2. Hey, Thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving a comment. Very sweet of you. Those tacos look tasty. I love food traditions. We had bubble tea on Sundays in Canada. Have a great Women's Day!


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