Monday, March 21, 2011


My friend invited me to go see the rock band New York Dolls at the Bowery Ballroom last week and since I'm basically up for anything that i haven't done before, I went.
I love live music so I enjoyed the gig, especially after I pushed my way through to the front row and secured my place right in front of the singer David Johansen. That's when the party really started.
I took all these photos with my cell because I really like how discreetly you can photograph with it. It's became a new hobby for me during subway rides, when I'm eating in a restaurant or sitting somewhere. I secretly photograph people and things.
Okey, enough of the creepiness. I tried to fit in the Bowery with some glam rock style which I imagined to be black lace, black shiny tulip skirt, messy hair and big jewelry. I think I fit in just fine. Just needed some more tattoos on my skin. Oh well, next time.
My friend had mastered her lovely glam rock style. She knows this stuff.


  1. i love those piled on bracelets!! and totally try to take sneak pics of ppl...share your finds!! i bet you see way more interesting peeps than i.


  2. Wow, those are great photos.. especially since they're from a cell phone. I think it's hilarious that you like to take secret pics of people.. sometimes I do that too lol!


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