Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is where we spend most of our time (unfortunately). I don't really watch network TV at all and he watches only movies. Lots and lots of movies. I'd rather spend my time reading, cooking, yoga, outdoors,  making jewelry or painting. He is actually learning to play bass guitar now so that's a nice change. Below the large windows is built-in-storage cabinet and nice wide window sill. 
The color scheme of this room (like many of our other rooms...) is mainly whites, browns and beiges with a little accent of black. That bright red lamp shade was bought during the holidays to set up a warm "christmasy" mood in the room and I just haven't felt like changing it yet to it's original greenish-beige shade.
This little corner nook is another great architectural feature of our TV room. Just big enough for a lantern or narrow vase with flowers. Or Buddha statue...
Buddha overlooks and protects the harmony here. And the chaos.
This built-in window bench I love, love, love. It has great storage inside and is a great spot for some cat naps. This is actually in the formal living room and not in our TV room. 
Miina says hi to ya'll!


  1. Ai että teillä on viihtyisä koti! Olen haaveillut pikkutytöstä asti tuollaisesta ikkunasyvennyksestä! Rapsutuksia Miinalle, ihana kuva :)

  2. Kiitos! Valilla tulee viihdyttya liiankin hyvin eika lahdettya ulos tarpeeksi. Ja Miina kiittaa!

  3. Such a beautiful home, I really love it! I need to start re-decorating ours, maybe bit of pain here and there and renewing furnitures. Even a small change will give a whole new look! Love your cat, such a sweetie. I'm planning taking one, when I would just have the courage.. Scared that it will be a wild beast in our apartment ;)

  4. Oi etta, viihtyisin! Mun nakoista ja varista kalustusta :)


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