Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was awarded as a Gorgeous Blogger (oh my, well thank you) by the lovely whimsical dread child Yellow Lizard  therefore I'll be answering few tough questions that come with the acceptance of this award. So here we go:
When did you start blogging?
- I started blogging few years ago, well, let's see exactly how long ago... Wow, little over two years.
What is your blog about?
- My blog is about things that are close to my heart and my lifestyle such as vegetarian food, healthy and green living, places I love in NYC such as my favorite restaurants and stores, as well as good, cruelty-free, organic products I've discovered. I would love to inspire others to be considerate to the nature and all living things on it. Peace. Love. Yoga.
What makes your blog different from others?
- I'm no more special than any other human. Just an ordinary hippie writing a blog wishing to make a change in the world. :)
What made you start blogging?
- I first started to blog in Finnish so that my family in Finland saw how I was living and what I was up to. Then invited few friends in Finland to follow as well. And then friends in the US who I didn't see so often or who lived elsewhere. When reached 30 followers I started a new blog in English. I made my Finnish blog private and for family only and it is now way more personal. Now my blogs work as my diaries. It's fun to go back and see what I did 2 years ago and how life has evolved since then.
What would you like to change?
- I would like my blog to have more organization and I wish I had started labeling my posts from the beginning so that every post would be easy to find and categorize. I also wish someone could take over the design and make it more stylish and pretty... (Anyone?)

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