Monday, March 28, 2011


Look at her. She is gorgeous, healthy, inspirational, radiant, full of energy and good vibes. She is beautiful inside and out. Kimberly Snyder’s first book, The Beauty Detox Solution: Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You’ve Always Wanted explains how anyone can follow her three-phase program to look better than they ever thought possible. 
By adopting Snyder’s approach to health and beauty, anyone can reap the benefits of cleansing their system: weight loss, radiant skin, lustrous hair, and better overall health. Learn the secrets of her revolutionary plan for cleansing the body of unhealthy, age-inducing toxins for a younger, healthier, and more beautiful you.

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Readers will discover:
·The best kinds of foods to eat—and the ones to avoid (surprising revelations!)
·The importance of learning how to eat, the correct order and combinations of foods
·How cleansing your system affects the largest organ in your body—your skin
·The importance of minerals, enzymes, and probiotics
·Pantry basics and healthy recipes to make detoxing as tasty as it is easy
·Countless beauty takeaways on natural sources that can rejuvenate your body.
I'm giving away TWO of these books and you can enter by following this blog and leaving a comment below.
For extra entries:
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Giveaway is open worldwide. You have until April 10th 11.59pm EST to enter.
Good luck darlings!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sockerbit Sweet & Swedish Candy Store finally opened their doors to public on Thursday. They're located on Christopher St. in West Village, same street as our Finn Church that also sells some goodies from Fazer, but I don't think there's going to be a vicious chocolate war. I spent my dinner break from work adoring all the candy so familiar from Finland. I bought a big bag of marshmallow mushrooms, chocolate covered marshmallow bears, licorice and some more marshmallows (guess what's my favorite sweet?). I know candy is not good for me, but every now and then I'm allowed to indulge...

Friday, March 25, 2011


One of the first signs of spring is when I pack my heavy winter coats away and bring out the trench.
Trench: Michael Kors
Yup, spring is here and I feel energized and social again. Time to start new hobbies and make new friends! Yippee!!!
Edit: It snowed on Wednesday and the ground is covered with snow again. Trench is back in the upstairs closet and will be taken out as soon as the snow melts... Hopefully in no time.
P.S. My first giveaway is just around the corner. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Modern Korean Restaurant-Lounge Chom Chom has been mentioned here few times before because I'm a big fan of the place. They're very close to my job therefore I tend to eat (and drink) there a lot and what's great is their Happy Hour from 4pm-7pm when their signature cocktails, wine and select tapas is 50% off. 
And my favorites kimchi pancakes.  I was drinking Bokbunja Martinis made with fresh lemon and ginger, traditional Korean black raspberry liquor and soju.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My friend invited me to go see the rock band New York Dolls at the Bowery Ballroom last week and since I'm basically up for anything that i haven't done before, I went.
I love live music so I enjoyed the gig, especially after I pushed my way through to the front row and secured my place right in front of the singer David Johansen. That's when the party really started.
I took all these photos with my cell because I really like how discreetly you can photograph with it. It's became a new hobby for me during subway rides, when I'm eating in a restaurant or sitting somewhere. I secretly photograph people and things.
Okey, enough of the creepiness. I tried to fit in the Bowery with some glam rock style which I imagined to be black lace, black shiny tulip skirt, messy hair and big jewelry. I think I fit in just fine. Just needed some more tattoos on my skin. Oh well, next time.
My friend had mastered her lovely glam rock style. She knows this stuff.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I was awarded as a Gorgeous Blogger (oh my, well thank you) by the lovely whimsical dread child Yellow Lizard  therefore I'll be answering few tough questions that come with the acceptance of this award. So here we go:
When did you start blogging?
- I started blogging few years ago, well, let's see exactly how long ago... Wow, little over two years.
What is your blog about?
- My blog is about things that are close to my heart and my lifestyle such as vegetarian food, healthy and green living, places I love in NYC such as my favorite restaurants and stores, as well as good, cruelty-free, organic products I've discovered. I would love to inspire others to be considerate to the nature and all living things on it. Peace. Love. Yoga.
What makes your blog different from others?
- I'm no more special than any other human. Just an ordinary hippie writing a blog wishing to make a change in the world. :)
What made you start blogging?
- I first started to blog in Finnish so that my family in Finland saw how I was living and what I was up to. Then invited few friends in Finland to follow as well. And then friends in the US who I didn't see so often or who lived elsewhere. When reached 30 followers I started a new blog in English. I made my Finnish blog private and for family only and it is now way more personal. Now my blogs work as my diaries. It's fun to go back and see what I did 2 years ago and how life has evolved since then.
What would you like to change?
- I would like my blog to have more organization and I wish I had started labeling my posts from the beginning so that every post would be easy to find and categorize. I also wish someone could take over the design and make it more stylish and pretty... (Anyone?)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


In case you didn't know yet, or follow me on Twitter, I post a lot of pictures taken with my cellular phone along with my tweets. So I collected my latest Twitpics here. This might become a weekly thing, just warning you.
Acting important at work.
Having giant bowl of kimchii stew during lunch break.
Ok, this is a bit older photo of our snowy house.
Hiding behind the green smoothie. Why? Dunno.
Girls getting ready to go out.
Pennsylvania countryside hipster camouflage.
Breakfast somewhere in Pennsylvania.
Rocking the pleather jacket.
Hanging out at Starbucks at 6.30am drinking soy chai and homemade breakfast sandwich waiting to go to work. The guys were blasting James Brown so I was feeling alright.
This is older again, but brings me back good memories of last summer and the hot day we took the ferry towards Sandy Hook. What a fun day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We have so many celebrations in February and March. Anniversaries, birthdays after birthdays and last weekend was no different.
My adorable nieces celebrated their birthdays and the house was full of kids. And parents. Us two once again the only kidless couple. Sometimes I seriously feel like jumping into parenting conversations talking about Miina and Moses...
The birthday girls were adorable as always and both cakes delicious.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is where we spend most of our time (unfortunately). I don't really watch network TV at all and he watches only movies. Lots and lots of movies. I'd rather spend my time reading, cooking, yoga, outdoors,  making jewelry or painting. He is actually learning to play bass guitar now so that's a nice change. Below the large windows is built-in-storage cabinet and nice wide window sill. 
The color scheme of this room (like many of our other rooms...) is mainly whites, browns and beiges with a little accent of black. That bright red lamp shade was bought during the holidays to set up a warm "christmasy" mood in the room and I just haven't felt like changing it yet to it's original greenish-beige shade.
This little corner nook is another great architectural feature of our TV room. Just big enough for a lantern or narrow vase with flowers. Or Buddha statue...
Buddha overlooks and protects the harmony here. And the chaos.
This built-in window bench I love, love, love. It has great storage inside and is a great spot for some cat naps. This is actually in the formal living room and not in our TV room. 
Miina says hi to ya'll!