Thursday, February 17, 2011


 Work. Here I'm about to be done with my duties and leave which is why I'm smiling.
 After work had some Finn fun.
 Female Artist Club Series that's held every Wednesday at the Salmagundi Club.
My favorite piece of art from the Club. Poor Mickey. He looks happy though.
Don't you just love this darling pink bathroom?
 I continued the night with my friend, the Queen of Babylon, and we stumbled in to this handsome old world bar appropriately called the Old World Bar that's been serving thirsty New Yorkers since 1892. And it served us well too. 


  1. I'm really diggin that bathroom. I joked recently with a friend that my style has benjamin button syndrome. Suddenly I'm really feeling pink and hearts and glitter after a lifetime of... Navy.

  2. Mickey is happy, he gets to dive into a glass full of wine! I would be smiling too :)


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