Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Where do you go in NYC for the best meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam? I'm pretty sure you should go to Smorgas Chef. I've featured their Financial District location previously here which is very nice during summer when you can sit outside on Stone Street. But their West Village location is just so cozy and pretty. I've been there twice these past two weeks to get my fix of veggie meatballs. 
And Kopparberg cider. So sweet and bubbly and brings back memories of those cold teenage summer nights in Finland drinking cider in the park, straight from the bottle. Good old times.
These two lovely ladies know all about that.
I once again  have no photo of the meatballs,  because they were gone so quickly, but I managed to snap this photo of my dessert; Vanilla waffles with cloudberry preserve and strawberries. Might be the best sweet thing I've eaten in a while. 


  1. oh my gosh, that sounds delicious!!

  2. Hei Katariina! Tää on mun uus blogi, mikä on IHAN alkuvaiheessa (ja aika ruma vielä). Vihdoin jaksoin tehdä uuden, nytku vaan jaksais alkaa kirjottaa siihen..
    Enivei, Smörgas Cheffissä oli kivaa ja ah kun siideri maistui.


    ps. follow me!

  3. Hello Krystal,

    it is so good. Thinking about going back next week again for the same exact meal.


    following! Jaksaa jaksaa. Sahan tykkaat valokuvata ja kavella ympariinsa ja kaytte ulkonakin niin paljon ja matkustelette niin varmaan tulee paljon kirjoitusideoita. Inspista!


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