Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our master bath is not quite finished yet. So much more to do. This clawfoot tub came with the house and is perfect for soaking off all the bad energy I drag home from work.
We are going to have two vanities here, one is already installed and the other one is still waiting to be installed. This room has three windows so it gets great natural light. That way I don't look like a drag queen any more after applying my make-up.
Aalto vase was a gift from my grandmother. As you can see here, I started with nautical, beach theme. Just got to be careful not to overdo it. Themes can sometimes go so wrong.
The big silver pot holds the plunger. 
Marimekko towels were gift from my parents. I always ask all things Marimekko for gifts from Finland. I think their stuff is really cool. Luckily now we have Marimekko store in New York as well, inside Crate and Barrel. 


  1. Too bad your work still seems to be a drag... but then on the other hand, you have so many things going for you. The City. The hubs. An eye for beauty. The list could go on and on...

  2. Yes, there are more things good than bad in my life right now so I'll be alright even this job search seems to take much longer than expected... Maybe I'm not meant to find it just yet, maybe I need to take long leave of absence from work and go explore Asia... Just maybe.

  3. LOVE your apartment!! It's amazing..what area do you live in?? Cute blog!
    xoxo Emily


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