Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've never taken you on a tour of our hundred year old Victorian lady, so today I'll invite you in. We'll start from the top floor and our master suite which consists of the master bedroom, a little office area in the middle, my walk in closet and the master bath.
I love these Pentik stacked ball lamps my mother brought me from Finland. The shade is from Ikea. Mr.'s nightstand naturally has the picture of the two young ladies in his life.
That would be Miina and myself.
On my nightstand I have a photo of him holding his little niece Ava when he was just a little baby girl. Voss water is what keeps me hydrated at night.
I always wanted to have soft headboard that I can lean on while reading or using my laptop in bed and I recently bought this brown faux leather one from CNS stores. 
I think we have Buddha statues in every room in our house...
No, don't call me a crazy cat lady.
Cat fight going on in our white 300ct Egyptian cotton sheets. Gotta love them.

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