Friday, February 11, 2011


Since NYC Restaurant Week has been extended again we took the opportunity and had early dinner at Beacon Restaurant and Grill yesterday. Had to do it during my dinner break from work, but luckily Beacon is only one block away so I was able to be back in hour and a half.
Beacon has three-level space that's dim, romantic and sure to impress. Their specialty is open fire-cooking. You can see the flames coming out all the way back at the lowest level where the open kitchen is located.
My appetizer was delicious Arugula salad with warm mini potatoes with parmesan and some lovely light vinaigrette. So good.
Keli had the Pumpkin Apple Soup with sweet cinnamon croutons and cotton candy that was melted in it when they brought it to the table. Gnarly. 
This roasted vegetable risotto was the bomb. I'm a big risotto lover and this is the best one I've had in years. Everything was perfection here; the rice, the vegetables and especially the sauce. I was blown away. I'm coming back soon just for this.
And the desserts... Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with smoked vanilla ice cream and...
 ...very chocolaty Chocolate Chip Souffle with Chocolate sauce. Now try to say that fast 3 times in a row. Both amazing, by the way.
Happy camper. Keli fell in love with this place and wanted to host my birthday party here forgetting that I'm not a huge fan of throwing birthday parties. We shall see...
One last thing; pocketbook holder. Love it. No need to create bad luck and keep your bag on the floor. That's how classy ladies roll. Especially if you get one with leopard print. Woop woop!


  1. Mä haluan tuonne syömään! Herkullisen oloiset ruoat ja ihanan viihtyisän näköinen paikka!

  2. Ooh, ihan nälkä tuli noita ruokia katsellessa ja mahtava idea tuo laukunpitelijä :) Sait muuten minulta blogger-palkinnon, joka odottaa blogissani ^^

  3. Hey classy... smoked vanilla ice-cream. The longer I live outside of Finland, the bigger sucker for anything smoked I seem to become.

    Talking about Finland, I am there as we speak. First Helsinki, now Tampere. Lots of snow, cold air, laskiaspulla... you know, good vacation times.


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