Friday, February 25, 2011


Last Sunday I attended my first ever baby shower. None of my friends in the US have kids yet, but it seems like everyone I know in Finland already has a few at least. So I was very excited about this baby party and even had to Google the baby shower etiquette, because I had no idea what to do and what to expect. Cake was done by the lovely Gracie
Photos above by Gracie.
We ate, chatted, played games, watched Rob tear a NYC phonebook in half in 20 seconds, did one arm push-ups and the other usual stuff people do at baby showers.
Sippy cup chug competition with iced tea. Guys won, of course...
I won Guess the size of Mommy's Tummy! I never win anything so you can see how sincerely happy I was.
We gave some great advice for the mommy-to-be. Like "Try not to drop the baby".
She also got tons of lovely gifts, but I think the winner and the stunner of the night was the Bugaboo. I learned during the course of the night that these Bugaboos are the "it" accessory for the modern NYC mamas. So all and all besides being a fun night, it was also very educational one. 


  1. very nice baby shower! i like the polkadots bags and the colors :) stylish party :) Thanks for visiting my blog :) it made me very happy :) You have intresting and stylish blog also!! have a nice weekend!

  2. Sounds like a good time!! I love Bugaboos.. must have if I'll ever have another kid!! :D

  3. Jotenkin ihania nämä baby shower -juhlat, harmi, että Suomessa ei ainakaan kovin moni järjestä. Tai no meillä on sitten ristiäiset. :) Mites Jenkeissä, järjestetäänkö sielläkin sitten ristiäisjuhlat isolle porukalle?

    Ja tosi kauniissa paikassa olitte olleet iltapäiväteellä (tuo ed. postaus), ja ihanannäköisiä syötäviä!

  4. This looks like a fun shower! I love the sippy cup chug!

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I appreciate them a lot.

    @ Avelina: Olen yksissa ristiaisissa ollut taalla (sister-in-law:n viimeisimman lapsen) ja he ovat katolisia joten kastetilaisuus oli kirkossa ensin jonka jalkeen olivat varanneet ravintolan brunssia varten jonne kaikki tulivat juhlimaan suloista Ameliaa.

    Itse jos joskus lapsia siunaantuu haluaisin ehdottomasti jarjestaa baby showerit. Ristiaisista saattaakin tulla sitten isompi ongelma koska itse en ole uskonnollinen ollenkaan, mutta mieheni on katolinen/ Joten sita paivaa odotellessa... :)


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