Thursday, December 2, 2010


 What I eat when the sugar cravings hit.
What I'm reading now. We're planning a girls trip to an ashram for a long weekend filled with yoga, meditation, health food and lectures and "Living Yoga" gets me in the mood. And now that "he" has expressed interest turning into vegan starting Monday, I'm browsing through hundreds of recipes to find the best of the best so that this super carnivore would make this huge lifestyle change. Wish me luck...
What I smell like. I still haven't graduated to "adult" fragrances and prefer light fruity and candy like scents. Sugar lemon from Fresh is my favorite right now.
How I get clean. Love this soap for my body. Smells like heaven.


  1. this is all such a good and healthy looking combination!

  2. That yoga cookbook looks great! I'd love to see what kind of recipes they have.

  3. just stumbled across your blog. =)

    that perfume sounds like it smells amazing!!

  4. that is a good list. and taking tips from christy turlington cant be a bad thing, girlfriend has got it going on.

  5. Your blog is very interesting, lovely post dear!!!)))

  6. Love the list, lots of clean living. I hope you share more about this Ashram trip!

  7. Tuohon reseptikirjaan en ole vielä törmännytkään, jooga on myös mun harrastus ollut jo ties kuinka monta vuotta.

    Olen vielä sen verran uusi asukas mun uudessa kotimaassa (Hollannissa) että en ole ehtinyt tsekata mitään tälläistä!

  8. I love the way you see food. I wish I had all that passion to care more about its purity. I eat healthily, but basically everything. Except dairy. The good ol' Finn-genetic intolerance.

    Yoga... I have yet to discover a class of it that I like. Tried one year here and in that session people fell asleep every time;) Average participant age fifty-five. I would love you taking me to a class in your sweet city!

  9. Thanks for the comments guys! Warms my heart :)

    Krystal: That's how I do ;)

    Celeste: I haven't been very good at posting cooking related entries, but I should change that because I do cook a a lot. I might start with demonstrating a recipe from the Yoga cookbook.

    Ashley: I love the scent. It's definitely energizing.

    Bridget: Oh yeah. I always take my tips from beautifully matured supermodels ;)

    Annushka: Thank you darling!

    Mel: Yes, I'm sure to take my camera and notepad with me when we go. Probably not computer though, because that's a great opportunity to disconnect from everything but your body and mind.

    Sissi: Kirjassa on hyvaa informaatiota joogin dieetista, paljon yllattaviakin juttuja kuten sienien, viinietikan, sipulin ja valkosipulin valttaminen. Mutta hyvannakoisia resepteja on vaikka kuinka, myos jalkiruokia.

    Susu: My favorite yoga style is ashtanga, because it moves fast and non-stop, no time to fall asleep. :) Here they also have classes with music which makes it even more awesome experience. When you come back we shall go.


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