Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is a short version of what went down last weekend when my dear friend celebrated her birthday. It all started late afternoon in Brooklyn where we beautified for the evening and toasted few times with something bubbly.
We had our friend limo driver come pick us up and take us to the restaurant where we would meet up with the rest of the crew. We blasted music and sipped a little more some of that good champagne...
Traffic was horrendous getting back to Manhattan and we were one and half hours late for our 6.30pm reservation, but thankfully Calle Ocho was nice enough to hold our table for ten people. Otherwise we would've been in big trouble...  Try to find a big table on a Saturday night prime dining time in a really nice restaurant in Manhattan. Not an easy task.
None of us ever dined here before so we were taking a risk choosing it, but all I can say is that everything was absolutely fabulous. The space is grand and gorgeous, food as delicious as can be (a bit pricey though) and service very friendly and swift.
I had their outstanding spinach empanadas on a bed of guacamole salad for an appetizer and the "Vegetariano" for an entree (wild mushroom paella with sweet pea vinaigrette and greens). I would definitely for back for the delicious food. We also ordered two huge pitchers of red and white sangria for the table, but couldn't even finish them. 
 After the dinner we continued our night at a nearby lounge where the party was wild the moment we walked in the door. DJ was throwing killer tunes song after song and we witnessed some uncontrolled dance attacks. I have all that on video, but having some trouble editing it... During this night some viscous cold virus attacked me and I'm fighting to get healthy and 100% again. So far haven't take any time off work, but let's see how I feel tomorrow morning...


  1. näyttää ja kuulostaa kivalta! :)

  2. Hey Lady,

    yes, it was good times! Unfortunately I caught some kind of bug that night and now suffering from minor cold... But I'm getting a little better now, I think I'm on the winning side already.

    Hei Annie,

    ystavien syntymapaivien juhlinta on aina hauskaa, omistani en niinkaan valita. Vietan syntymapaivani mieluummin yksin rauhassa levaten ja miettien mita haluan saavuttaa tulevan vuoden aikana. Ja herkutellen...

  3. Mika lounge se oli? Etsin edelleen tanssipaikkoja... :)

  4. Heippa Jaki,

    Bourbon Street Restaurant Rowilla. Ei todellakaan paikka johon itse menisin (ruoka ei ole kovin maittavaa ja vahan semmonen college bar meininki), mutta tana kyseisena iltana meno oli aivan hurja. Ja heilla on ne kuuluisat $5 hurricanes drinkit...


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