Friday, November 12, 2010


Me and daddy
This is my favorite museum in NYC. American Museum of Natural History used to be my number one, but I've graduated to MET now. AMNH is still strong second though. 
 I love the feeling of museums, like the time stands still and nothing rushes you (exept when it's time to close and the security wants you out). 
 There are so many quiet rooms where you can just sit down and amaze all the wonderful things around you. It would be ice to come here with a laptop and see how much work you can get done. The atmosphere seems perfect for concentration.
MET is huge, so don't expect to see everything in one visit, you might get an art overdose. Every time I come here I discover something new. My personal favorite is the Asian section, expecially India.
Mom not so interested in museums, dad very interested. Love them.


  1. I LOVE the Met! Isn't it one of the most absolutely gorgeous places in the world? There's really nothing like it. I love just eating a pretzel on the steps out front, haha!

  2. I absolutely loved that place this summer. They even have a round room with a Versailles Castle mural in it. You should check it out... quite impressive! In the American wing.

  3. It was just lovely when I could get in "free" to the MET as a student! I used to frequent all the time and adored my classes in which visiting a museum was considered "homework" Ahh the days of a college student living in NYC! Miss! Thanks for stopping by :)


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