Thursday, November 18, 2010


I started my weekend already on Thursday. Sun was bright, breeze just right and I had just finished playing with the kitties when the doorbell rang. 
It was my good friend C, who's been out of the country for 6 months! Working abroad in the good old motherland Finland and now she had finally returned back in the US of A before they would snatch that Green Card away from her. Good times!
We spent the day walking around town and enjoying the mild weather, shopping in all cute little stores (and some larger ones like Anthropologie) and pampering with manicures and shoulder/neck massages.
We also had lunch at this little bistro and their pumpkin-coconut puree soup was outstanding. So delicious. Caribbean salad went great with it.
What a perfect girls day out in town.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. hello :)
    I am from Poland :D
    Are you living in USA ? :)
    I would also live there but unfortunately I live in Poland :(
    Give more photos of skyscrapers and streets, please :D
    If you want you can come to my blog and write something about America, I am waiting :)
    Greet from Poland :)

  2. Hei, en loytanyt suomenkielista blogiasi enaa, joten viesti tanne. :-) Met on minunkin lempipaikkoja, kavin siella paljon piirtamassa college aikoina.
    Olisko sulla suosituksia drinkki- ja/tai tanssipaikoista? Olen asunut Nykin ulkopuolella jo niin kauan, ettei oikein ole enaa tuntumaa... Suosituksia otetaan vastaan, tyttojen ilta tulossa. :-)

  3. Hei!

    Everything looks so wonderful!! I´ve never been in the states but i´m really waiting to come to New York.

    I have been reading about Anthropologie and browsing in their websites, OMG! I want it all :)))

    I think they opened their store in London in the beginning of this year and I think thats the only one so far in Europe.

    Reading your blog makes me want to come to New York :)

  4. love the trench coat. great blog

  5. Mmm....that soup looks delish. THanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. YUm!!! the food looks so yummy, and happy weekend to you dear


  7. beautiful kitty, great coat, and that lunch looks delicious!!!


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