Monday, November 8, 2010


Flu season is almost here (or maybe it's here already) and pharmacies are pushing the flu shots to everyone buying gum at Duane Reade. I've never been eager to take medication nevertheless vaccinations and haven't done so since my trip to India over ten years ago. And I'm glad I haven't with all the new information about the harmful side effects and unproven effectiveness. Here's a great article and video from Dr. Mercola (holistic doc) about flu shots and the importance of Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is very important nutrient that helps our body to absorb calcium, helps build strong bones and may also help to prevent heart disease. Check out this very informative package about Vitamin D from World's Healthiest Foods. Many people with holistic approach to health seem to agree that Vitamin D deficiency is the major cause of flu. 
The food sources for D are slim (egg yolks, beef liver, some fish. Don't count on the bogus synthetic Vitamin D2 fortified foods) so whenever possible, you should try to get your dose from the sunlight. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy it. 20 minutes a day is ideal, but if you live in an area with limited sunlight especially during winter months, even few minutes makes a difference. 
Just like I did while taking a stroll in this beautiful nearby reservation. Fall is amazing season when you make time to stop and look around. 

Get out and take a walk!


  1. I love finding other NYC blogs! Your pics are awesome, and you're right - it's always good to get out there and play in the sun. (I'll be getting my flu shot though, after years of getting the flu every. single. year. I started getting the flu shot 2 years ago and haven't had the flu since!)

  2. Hey C-Girl! :)

    Yes, if it works for you then I say go ahead and do it. I barely ever catch anything serious, just mostly little 2 day colds that I am able to fight with lemons and ginger and other natural remedies so in my case taking shots would be overreacting. Glad there's still so much sun in NYC this time of the year.


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